Silmar's Taste - Portuguese Delicacies 

Since 2008 Silmar’s Taste has been enjoying cooking to the public, the same lovely way as ours Grandmas and Mother did. 
Introducing a variety of traditional artisan dishes as well as more sophisticated elegant recipes, Silmar’s Taste is a welcome and inspiring introduction to the cuisine of Portugal to London street food markets. 

Gift Box for Natas - Now Available in London 

Find us at 

Swiss Cottage Market 

NW3 - By the Tube station in Eton Avenue 
Tuesday to Saturday 

Portobello Market 

W10 5TY 
Saturday & Sunday 

Hampstead Food Market 

Hampstead Parochial School, NW3 6TX ( Behind the Everyman Cinema) 

The Spires Shopping Centre Barnet 

Outdoor Food Market,111 High St, EN5 5XY ( by the Waitrose)